Susan is an artist living and working in Carmichael, CA. An artist at heart since childhood she did not indulge her creative side until she retired from a very satisfying career as a registered nurse and nurse educator. She received her art education through an abundance of workshops and community college courses spanning a wide genre of art and art forms. For the past 10 years her focus has been on contemporary abstract painting with encasutic and more recently cold wax and oil.


Art is a touchpoint for engagement in self-exploration for the artist and the viewer. It is a means of unleashing the conscious and unconscious. As an artist I find myself challenged and often surprised as previously unseen parts of myself are revealed in the process of creating. I have a new awareness of the images I am drawn to and repeating elements in my art. I have a facination for crumbling walls and streets but also an appreciation for the simplicity and beauty of a single flower pushing up through a crack in the sidewalk. In my work I attempt to explore the boundaries between seemingly opposing concepts; subtlety and contrast, beauty and decay, chaos and calm, light and dark. My hope is to provide the viewer with a moment of contemplation.

Susan Poirier